BPS Premium Dentures

Bio-functional Prosthetic System (bps) is the name of an exciting new premium denture specifically designed to fit your active lifestyle. Only a BPS denture gives you the ultimate fit and comfort you require, along with the superior beauty and life-like appearance you want. A BPS denture starts with the exceptional beauty of Ivoclar teeth. Each tooth is uniquely manufactured in layers to mimic natural dentition. The denture is then fabricated using a pressure injected process designed to insure a precise, secure, comfortable fit.

The Denture That Fits Your Lifestyle

32 million North Americans wear full or partial dentures, yet many of them are dissatisfied because of poor fit, unpleasant odors and inferior aesthetics. A set of attractive, quality dentures, skillfully crafted to your mouth will make a positive impact on your lifestyle. A BPS denture will help eliminate unexpected problems that can effect your overall quality of life including:

  • Emotional and Psychological Health: Ill-fitting dentures can make it difficult and embarrassing to speak and socialize.
  • Oral Hygiene: Improperly processed dentures can harbor bacteria, which can weaken the denture and lead to bad breath.
  • Joint and Jaw Disorders: Excessive denture tooth wear may cause improper fit which can upset the jaw mechanism.
  • Premature Aging: Inferior dentures wear excessively and can lead to wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks.
  • Poor Nutrition: A denture that doesn’t fit properly can make it’s wearer unable to chew food properly. Certain fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables can be harder to chew and denture wearers often eliminate them from their diets. Eating less or making alterations to the food texture can influence digestion and overall good health.

Before & After BPS Premium Dentures