Our History

Denture wearers often complain about the difficulties of chewing, tearing, crushing or grinding their food. Plastic teeth without Cutter Bars wear out and do not offer effective chewing ability. The Cutter Bar is a thin, corrugated ribbon of hard metal, set on edge in the posterior (back) teeth. It is virtually invisible. The flat plane of the upper teeth connect with the Cutter Bars mounted on the lower denture. Together they operate as an effective chewing mechanism.

With Cutter Bars in place, clients are able to chew nuts, vegetables, steak and other challenging foods. Since the hard, thin edged Cutter Bars are virtually non-wearing, they add years of effective life to the dentures. Nothing limits a person’s food choice more than dentures with dull teeth. Cutter Bars offer denture wearers a new cutting and chewing experience.