Magnetic Dentures

The History of Magnetic Denture Stabilizers

Magnetic dentures were first patented on February 28th, 1939 by Dr Hyman Freedman in Brooklyn, New York. They have been used successfully throughout the world for the past 74 years. Minuk Denture has been working with Magnetic dentures since 1977.

Why They’re So Great

When people have lost a lot of gum (ridge) and are not a candidate for implants, this is one of the many options available. If implants are not an option, magentic dentures are an affordable alternative.

  1. No surgery involved
  2. Inexpensive treatment option
  3. May be covered under your dental plan

How They Work

Magnetic dentures rely on reverse magnetic fields. This helps keep the dentures more stable in position. The negative magnetic force of the lower denture repels the positive magnetic force of the upper denture. These forces help the denture stay in position on the gum.

Magnetic dentures are an affordable, less invasive option to implants, with excellent clinical results and patient acceptability.