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Rhoda Kagan’s Testimonial

I, Rhoda Kagan have had a lot of problems with my complete lower denture…ever since 1974!

I was an experiment, doctors believed that an infection from my teeth was causing my vision to fail. All of my upper and lower teeth were removed, a complete upper and lower denture was placed. I did not ever recover my vision.

Since the lower dentures were placed I have had to adjust to two handicaps, one being my vision and the other being all the adjustments that were needed for the loose and ill fitting lower denture. Much of the problem was due to shrinkage but I felt the lower denture were always loose and never stable in my mouth!

Although implants were explained to me, financially this was not an option. In 2012, Minuk Denture Clinic inserted ultra suction valves on my lower denture and I have never felt better! For me this has been a life altering experience. Since the ultra suction valves were inserted, I have not had to come to the clinic every second day for adjustments! I am able to eat whatever I want, even nuts and chewing gum, which I have missed so much. I have also found that the maintenance of keeping my dentures clean by brushing and soaking daily is very easy.

It has taken a long time for me to feel this good about my dentures but the ultra suction valves have made my life a lot better!