How did Minuk become

Canada's largest denture clinic?



100,000+ Smiles since 1977

When you’ve been in business since 1977, you learn how to attract and retain the best.

Our amazing team of smile experts support our patients and our team of denturists. For more difficult cases, we are fortunate to have multiple 2nd opinions on-site and our denturists frequently discuss and often work on cases together and participate in continuing education.


Materials & Technology

Our dentures have always been made using the best materials and processes.

Today, the world of dentures is evolving and Minuk is leading the way with digital dentures.

Digital Denture utilize premium materials and are 100 times more accurate than a human hair, and while no human eye could see the difference, you will feel the difference with digital dentures.


Our Promise to YOU

The Minuk Way is providing patients with the best possible care for the best price. What does this mean to you?

✔ Free Consultations
✔ Emergencies
✔ Try before you buy

We’re a family owned & operated business who treats our patients like family. 

Don't take our word for it!

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Our smile experts are here to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted and our denturists frequently consult on cases and attend continuing education together.

Group photo of the Minuk & Koster Staff
Minuk & Koster Lab Staff
Minuk & Koster Support Staff

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Materials & Technology

Digital Dentures NOW AVAILABLE!

What does this mean for you?

Better Fitting

Digital dentures have been proven to fit best. This will improve your ability to eat, speak and laugh with confidence.

Peace of Mind

Never go without your smile again! We can replace your denture or make you a second set just in case.

Less Visits

Better fitting dentures lead to less adjustments / appointments, and dentures can be replaced much more quickly.

Thank you for introducing me to a digital denture as I am incredibly impressed by the solid feel in my mouth. I am able to eat nuts and steak without my denture moving in mouth. This denture is solid and stays in place no matter what I chew.

I am totally impressed as it has been several dentures along the way and while my old dentures always moved when I attempted to chew anything difficult like steak and nuts; I am now solid as it possibly could be without your own teeth. Thank you to Minuk Denture Clinic for exceptional service all around.”


How are Digital Dentures made?

3D Scanners

To scan your mouth or models.

CAD Software

To design smiles

Milling & 3D Printing

To create smiles

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The minuk

Our Promise to YOU

The best care for the best price!

Family owned & operated. We treat our patients like family.

The Minuk Way also includes:

Free Consultations
Free Annual Check-ups
Free Adjustments for 1 year
Weekend & Evening Appointments
Emergency appointments
Try before you buy