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Manny Minuk DD


Manny Minuk was raised in the denture industry.  As the son of founder Joe Minuk, Manny would frequent the clinic and began helping out at a very young age.  After working at the clinic for several years, he was hooked on seeing the impact the clinic had on people’s lives.  Seeing the joy on people’s faces after their smile makeover was Manny’s motivation to register to become a Denturist at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Edmonton, Alberta in 1998.

With existing experience, Manny quickly excelled at NAIT and graduated in 2000.  Since 2002, Manny has served on the executive of the Denturist Association of Manitoba and continues to push the industry forward.

Manny has extensive training in complex implant restorations and anti-snoring solutions, as well as digital denture design.  His commitment to providing the best denture care has led him to look closely at the advantages of technology. Technology has greatly improved care for patients seeking dental crowns and bridges.  After a quick 3D scan is taken on-site, a milled crown can be delivered in the same day. Why didn’t this exist for dentures?  Manny’s frustration with the lack of similar technology in the denture industry was shared by other colleagues around Canada.  Together, Manny and his colleagues became experts in 3D scanning, digital denture design (CAD/CAM), 3D printing and milling and began to develop their own solutions.  The transformation in the denture industry has begun and Manny and his team are proud to be part of ground-breaking technology developed right here in Canada.

Taking the foundation that his father Joe built since 1977, and making it his own by adopting technology and innovation is Manny’s purpose and strategy to continue to deliver world class care to the residents of Manitoba.

In his spare time Manny enjoys playing guitar in a rock band, hockey, cheering on the Jets, and spending time with his wife and four kids.

Morgan Ganetsky has been in the denture industry since 1989.  He is a graduate of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).  After graduating Morgan returned to Winnipeg, where he interned at Alex’s Denture Clinic.  In 1994, he purchased the clinic and ran it successfully until 2002.  In January of 2003, Morgan had the opportunity to join Minuk Denture Clinic, bringing with him his years of practical and professional experience.  Since then, he has built and maintained relationships with his clients, providing them with the best possible care.

Morgan has always kept up with the newest technology in the denture industry, through courses and continuing education.  Dental Implants have become a large part of his practice, providing Fixed and Removable Prosthetics.  A new and exciting area that Morgan and the Minuk team have been working with are Digital Dentures. Dentures can be 3D printed or milled, providing an additional option for his client’s denture needs.

Morgan is a past member of the executive board of the Denturists Association of Manitoba, serving as the Education Chair as well as the Complaints Chair.

Outside of work Morgan is a “True Blue” Bomber fan and an avid hockey fan.  He also enjoys riding his motorcycle and being with his wife, three children and of course his dog.

Morgan Ganetsky DD


Chris Duncan DD


Chris Duncan was born in Southwest Manitoba and has been a licensed denturist for over 26 years. Chris is a graduate of the NAIT Denturist Program and also holds an Associate Degree in Engineering Technology.

Chris has been fascinated with technology all of his life (taking after his father) and after working in a variety of technology businesses, went back to school to take the Denturist program in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to pursue becoming a Denturist. He is active in the profession, serving on the College of Alberta Denturists for 19 years as an Examiner and working on the National Competency Working Groups. He is currently the Admissions Chairperson for the Denturist Association of Manitoba.

Chris has always had a vision of the merging of technologies into the denture profession.  His vision included the giant leap of creating smiles for patients using computers and 3D printers after seeing examples of this being done in other industries in the 1990’s.  This was at a time when computer technology was thought to have no real use in the dental industry.

In his spare time Chris enjoys reading, spending time with his wife and extended family and two dogs.

Avey is a 2013 graduate of the George Brown College Denturism Program. She started her journey at Minuk Denture Clinic, first practicing as an intern. Under the mentorship of Joseph Minuk, she went on to receive her license in 2015. Avey practices all aspects of denturism such as complete and partial dentures, immediate dentures, sports mouthguards, nightguards, as well as implant supported dentures and digital dentures. She also makes house calls for those who are not able to come to the clinic.

Avey loves being a Denturist, where she is able to work with a wide range of clients and is committed to delivering a calm and gentle approach to Denturism.

Avey is a member of both the Denturist Association of Manitoba and Canada. She is continually advancing herself with the most up to date training, education, and using her technical skills to further her experience with digital dentistry. She couldn’t be happier practicing with a team of highly skilled denturists all who share a common goal: to provide the best possible care to all.

When away from the office, Avey can be found dabbling with a paint brush, rolling out her yoga mat, or mastering her culinary skills. Most of all, she enjoys taking in each and every moment with her son and husband.

Akvinder K. Brar DD


Tyrenn Bauer DD


Ty comes from a family of dental professionals, he graduated from NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) and received his licence in 2019. He has a keen interest in the future of digital dentures using 3D and CAD/CAM technology. He is seeing the dental industry evolve and is excited to be part of the digital denture revolution. He also make housecalls for his clients who are not able to come to the clinic. Ty currently sits on the Denturist Association of Manitoba executive committee, as the Inspections Chairman. When Ty is not at work he enjoys coaching, and playing golf and hockey.