Oral Check-ups

Having a regular oral check-up done by a denturist is the best way to ensure that your dentures are still fitting properly. Over time, your mouth undergoes certain changes. The bone and tissue that the dentures sit upon can shrink or deteriorate, resulting in your dentures not fitting as well as they once did. Poor fitting dentures can also cause hearing loss, dizziness and headaches!

As your dentures begin to wear out, it can start to affect the way that you bite. This can negatively influence your speech, eating habits and appearance.

Denturists recommend that you have a check-up at least once a year. If necessary, we will refer you to a dentist should we have any concerns about your tissue or gums. We can work with your own dentist, or if you do not have one, refer you to a dentist in your area. Seeing a dental health practitioner is the best way to catch and prevent conditions like oral cancer and other mouth diseases.