Do you have a denture or dentures that just won’t stay put and are causing a lot of discomfort?

Are you constantly adding denture adhesive (polygrip) to keep them in place?

Over time your gums shrink causing dentures to be loose and uncomfortable. With a quick examination your Denturist can help determine whether they just need to be relined or rebased, then take the appropriate course of action.


Relining is required when the denture ceases to fit properly due to any wearing away of the bone and gum tissue (resorption). Some common causes of resorption include aging, illness, tooth-loss and weight-loss, among others. The process will involve your Denturist taking an impression of the fitting side of your denture, then adding and processing new denture base material (pink) to secure a better fit. We recommend coming in first thing in the morning for the impression and return later in the day for the insertion. If your denture has a soft liner, more time may be required. Your denturist will confirm drop off and pick up times with you.


Certain denture cleaning products or not soaking your teeth in water whilst not wearing them, can cause your denture to warp or become brittle.

A rebase if often performed when the denture has multiple cracks or repairs or does not fit well, but the teeth themselves are still in good condition. The process involves the replacement of the whole pink acrylic base, using the same teeth.

The end result would be a denture(s) that fit and look like new! (typically next day pick up).

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