Geneva Dentures

Minuk Is Proud To Announce That We Are A CERTIFIED GENEVA 2000™ Clinic.

Geneva 2000™ Smile Designs™ are created with hand-crafted teeth. Imported from Switzerland, these teeth come in both porcelain and a special three-layered hardened resin material. They are layered with different shades of colour to give them their true life and natural look. These Geneva 2000™ teeth not only look real, but feel just like your natural teeth. Geneva 2000™ Smile Designs™ have teeth especially designed for both women and men. They are durable, wear resistant, and gentle to the tissues of the mouth. Geneva 2000 dentures look so natural, no one will notice you are wearing them; they feel so comfortable even you will forget.

Geneva Dental Inc is dedicated to solving your denture problems.

Geneva Dental Inc. and the Minuk clinic would like you to have a beautiful, natural and more comfortable smile. Something you can only get from a GENEVA 2000 ™ premium quality denture. Through clinical research, Geneva Dental has shown that 80% of all denture wearers want more than what is being offered to them. However, for the past forty years, care for the denture client has remained virtually unchanged. In the dental industry, tooth manufacturers and lab technicians alike never see the client. They don’t know the condition of the tissues in the client’s mouth nor the surrounding structure. The age of the client and the shape and size of their jaw is not taken into account. You, the client, must rely on your denturist to give you the best treatment available.


Geneva Dental has spent forty years working with clients like you. Through this clinical research, clients have expressed a desire for two things in their dentures: Beauty and Comfort. In response, we have developed a system for the denturist that provides the clients with a more comfortable denture and a natural looking smile. There are numerous factors that must be considered in order to make comfortable dentures, many of which are unique to each individual client.

Geneva has taken these into account and is dedicated to solving your denture problems:

  • The condition of the tissues in the mouth
  • The condition of the bone structure in the mouth
  • The shape and size of the mouth


Minuk is offering a free consultation. This consultation makes it possible for your denturist to assess your individual needs and to quote you the accurate fee for your GENEVA 2000™ premium quality denture. During this exam, the denturist will assess your mouth and the surrounding structures. Your denturist and his/her supporting staff, using the latest technical skills, can then provide you with what we believe are the finest dentures possible.

The superior beauty and life-like appearance of a GENEVA 2000™ denture is due, in part, to the hand-crafted teeth originally designed in Switzerland; they are made by layering over fourteen different porcelain colors, thus simulating natural teeth.

Modern Dental Technology

Geneva Dental actually provides different shaped teeth for males and females. The clients age, sex, personality and skin tone are all taken into consideration when selecting teeth, thus creating a unique one of a kind denture for each individual.

Before & After Geneva Dentures